SEA Travels

Going to sea is like going to jail…

…With the added chance of drowning.

Oh, and it’s snowing right now in Woods Hole. How fitting. When I got here there was snow on the ground, and as we leave, there’s snow falling.

The shore component of the program has been quite interesting and fun. At the end of the day, it’s how we’ve built a family. You can’t change your family, so you accept them as they are, and hope they do the same with you. You work together and play together, and appreciate every bit of them, and you love them for who they are. I know I do. And having lost most people yesterday to their parents or drives home, I already miss them, and cannot wait to reunite (hopefully sans any snowboarding injuries, Chelsea).

I’ve been trying for the longest time to upload a video of two of us racing to put on our survival suits, but the internet connection has not improved one bit since we got here.


Kat Conway trying on the flexibility of the foul weather gear, and Tim A and myself with our survival suits on.

So, its time to put on all of our learning into practice. We’ve learned the basics of sailing and navigation, but it’ll be interesting to see how it all comes together out in the Caribbean waters.

The schedule is: Monday, fly into Puerto Rico, spend a few days meandering the island, maybe a little beach action. Then Wednesday morning fly to St. Croix, go snorkeling with our Chief Scientist, Jeff, to collect data for our coral diversity and health project, and then hopefully a tour of a Rum Distillery.

Thursday, a tour of a sugar mill (St. Croix and the Caribbean in general have an extensive and complex history with sugar production) and then report to the SSV Corwith Cramer at 1400. We’ll be sailing to St. Martin the next day.

Then we’ll make stops in Samaná, Dominican Republic; Port Antonio, Jamaica (and Discovery Bay), returning to Key West on May 9th. I’ll stay on board as a deckhand, and help bring the ship back to Charleston, SC.

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