Well, that didn’t last

It’s raining today, again. But I’m glad we at least got nice weather the past two days, because we actually had time in the afternoons to enjoy the outdoors.

Di and I went to the beach looking for live organisms to bring back. Got some snails, shells, algae and other little sea things with technical terms that are obvious to everyone here, yet unknown to me.


03_10_10_c_d_combined copy


Too bad we got scolded by Jeff, our chief scientist, Captain Steve and Mary, for not bringing back enough sea water. You live and you learn.

I got my foul weather gear at West Marine, and I can’t wait to put it to some good use. Finally, the Lugano guys won’t have to put up with me borrowing their things. It’s a nice bright red color, easily spotted from a distance in case I fall overboard. This reminds me to give the Lugano crew and Mark Stratton big props for their great regatta results in the last few weeks. I heard the team got several first place finishes, so congrats dudes.

It’s been hard for me to keep up with my freelance projects because its been a busy time writing research papers and getting things ready for the fund-raising dinner we’re having on Saturday.

Now, I’m off to get in touch with my inner naturalist, and draw some zooplankton… yeah.

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