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I think I’ll stay in Boston

Feeling wicked smart after a visit to Cambridge, Ma — home to Harvard University. A remarkably similar place to UNC, the campus was astonishingly beautiful. There were smart looking people all over the place, probably made to look much smarter by the lovely, warm weather experienced this weekend. Following two weeks of awful weather (remember I’m from Panama via Arizona, anything but warm and blue, sunny skies is bad weather to me), warmth made the weekend feel even more fantastic.






Sitting on the T today, I had the strangest thought: that people here just LOOK different. I’m not sure I can really explain exactly how, but they do. Maybe it’s bone structure, or even something simpler like fashion, but either way, I’m not sure why it struck me as odd. Of course people look different, why should that stand out in any way? And yet, to me, it did.

Things here in Woods Hole are going fast yet slow, because I’m itching to get out to the Caribbean. Captain Steve has asked if any of the students are interested in, once the official program ends in Key West, sailing the ship back up to Charleston, South Carolina as deckhands. It would extend my stay on the ship till May 20th (instead of finishing on the 9th). I mean, it’s not like I’m in a hurry to get back to real life. Think I should do it?

Last Friday, we went to see one of our teachers, Mary Malloy, play in a concert with a local symphony. It was great to reconnect with music, even though it was a far cry from Judas Priest and the like. Not only was the music fantastic (the violin soloist was out of control good), but I also enjoyed  getting a glimpse at a little piece of community life here in Woods Hole/Falmouth. It’s so different from Arizona. This whole experience feels as though I’m living in an alternate universe. I wish I could explain better. Maybe eventually I’ll be able to come up with the words. Hopefully soon.

I’m heading down to Puerto Rico on March 29th, and then St. Croix on March, 31st. So if you have any suggestion on things to do or see in those places, let me know. I think we’ll just relax by the beach. Lord knows it’s the last bit of comfort we’ll probably have for a while — the SSV Corwith Cramer not being a capacious luxury liner. Sadly, after that date, I will probably be off the internet till we get to the different ports. I’ll take my laptop with me though, and hopefully continue to edit photos as I go along, and put them online when I get the chance.

I’ll just sneak into a hotel and steal their wi-fi.

2 replies on “I think I’ll stay in Boston”

Sounds like a really awesome place with lots of old school culture. I want to visit a place like that.

Unrelated, but we are considering going camping at Yosemite National Park this year. We shall see how it works out.

And you know you are going to extend your stay as a deckhand no matter what any one tells you on here. Just have a good time and have it last as long as you can!

When will you be in the Keys? Maybe we can come down and visit with you 🙂

I’m still undecided on the deckhand thing. Mainly because it’s an important commitment. I can’t back out once I’m there and realize that, dammit, I’m over it.

I’ll be in the Keys from May 9th, but I only have one day ashore if I do the deckhand thing. I’ll give you more details once I know for sure! Camping sounds awesome, def do it!

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