First field trip

Not unlike having to get your “sea legs” when you first start on board a ship, I’ve slowly started to get the hang of being a student again. I’m not going to lie, it’s kinda weird.


The houses we’re all living in — Antares and Bellatrix, and four snowmen, melting.


We had our first field trip to the Science Library in Woods Hole, and then walked across the street to the Aquarium.


We got to see a seal feeding. Too bad all I could think about, every time Rachel the seal wrangler said “loose seal”, was of Arrested Development.


Everything is going smoothly so far, although I do miss my friends and warm temperatures in Arizona. I’m actually eating better here because there’s people far more competent in cooking than I’ve ever been. There are tons of papers and work ahead so off to get some rest!

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please change your wordpress feed settings back to full text rather than just an intro paragraph. i use netnewsreader for my rss feeder and nothing pisses me off more!!!

think about it this way…being a student is sometimes more fulfilling than being in the corporate world making money for the man establishment

And I use Google Reader and was wondering why it cuts off the rest of your post now…but I do not mind like Rusty does since I like looking at your actual blog better….much better ambiance than the stale reader template.

Have a good time with the snow!

Hi dusty, I don’t really know how to change that at the moment, sorry! I haven’t done much with Google Reader so not too familiar with it. I’ll look into it when I get chance though. Glad you ladies like to stop by and check out my site’s “ambiance”!

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