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More from Ellijay, Georgia

Back to reality here in Phoenix, and I’m already missing the cabin life in Georgia. Just hanging out by the river, the fire pit, and the hot tub. Not the humidity though. Here are just a few other photos. Editing everything will probably take me till next year (that may or may not be a joke), but instead of waiting for that, I’ll just post ’em little by little.

Matt and Brian trying to navigate the river. Check out the video below. 

I really wish I was back there. Got to work to more bad news, as always. Rumors of layoffs running rampant, again. It’s so demoralizing after a while.

In other news, while I was at home in NC for a whole 36 hours, I found tons of old photos that I took for various projects back in that life where I was a bonafied photojournalism student. So look for those coming up soon. I really had some good stuff there, but it’ll take me a while to comb through that. 

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Photos are muy bueno!… I have def. been missing cabin life this week. A reunion trip is in order for sure.

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