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Wedding in the mountains

Live blogging it (sorta) from the Mountains of Georgia, during Matt and Talat’s wedding extravaganza bonanza. Photos are a bit contrast-y because I edited them on a laptop with a screen I’m not familiar with. Oh well, I’ll refine them once I get home.

Self portrait

6 replies on “Wedding in the mountains”

Looks like an awesome setting for a wedding.
You know, GA is pretty close to FL. Technically with a rental car Orlando is only a few hours away 😉
and I currently have family staying at my house as we speak.

I think my days of rental cars are over for now. Talat can vouch for that. Particularly because they jack up the prices for people under 25. I think I ended up paying more for that “fee” than the actual daily price of the car.

Hope the family visit went ok!

I remember the days of Under age rental pricing…man I’m old.

The visit went pretty well and everyone is back home now. Did you hear the story?

There is no way you could be more out of the loop than I…IMPOSSIBLE

I usually hear about stuff months after they’ve taken place…the only reason I know this one is because somehow I got tangled in the middle of it due my geographical location.

You should call me sometime and we can swap updates 🙂 I would call you but I don’t think you have a number listed on facebook (or my crappy memory is serving me wrong)

Are you still having a stressful work situation?

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