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Everyone seemed so surprised when I told them I had gone back to San Diego so soon. And I actually got the impression some people frowned upon my semi-impulsive decision to just get on my car that Saturday and drive off into the distance. To my shock, really, because the parental unit didn’t seem to have any issues with it, so to get that from other young people…

I gotta live a little now and then. You don’t have to if you don’t want to…

Will you join me?

Well then, let’s go!

Bright and early on Saturday I got in my car and stopped at the gas station fill up for the trip. I knew gas had been going down for a while, but I was truly shocked when I filled up my entire tank for $24! Very awesome considering it used to take over $40 during the summer. Off I went, and my first obstacle was encountered as soon as I got in the I-10 going West. I’m talking about my nemesis, the biggest thorn on my side, and what will be the ultimate cause of my demise…. yes, the speed cameras. I kid you not, I drove by four of those PLUS two police vans that were also snapping photos.

Rolling down the 85 toward Gila Bend, I was behind this guy…

Talk about self-deprecating humor. He also had another sticker that read “Without girls and trucks, American stops.”

Driving by Gila Bend, population: negative 125. It was a really colorful, western town though. I wouldn’t mind checking it out on a day trip.  

I was a few hours into the trip, but I didn’t think I had driven that far. You can imagine why I was shocked when all of the sudden….

…I arrived in Egypt. I guess this was near the sand dunes in Yuma? 

Almost to San Diego. Walker Canyon, I think, on I-8. 

Woohoo! Three border patrol checkpoints later, I made it by mid day (gained an hour because of time difference), and I headed over to the Marina to meet up with some guys on the sailing crew. We did a little cruising down the harbor. Went to the hotel, met up with a friend, and then ended the night early. I was really disappointed to miss out on going out to the Gaslamp District with the guys. The nightlife looked pretty amazing. 

Next day, it was the next Hot Rum race, and unlike last time, the wind were pretty calm, so it was a struggle to keep up the speed. Good thing the crew is one of the best. Not me, I’m just a ballast, really… and maybe the photographer…

This time we got to use a type of sail called spinnakers, or giant parachute-type sails. Very cool looking. 

I think we finished 5th in our ‘class’. Once again, thanks to all the guys for being nice and not calling me a fowl name and kicking me in the water. I’m told it has happened in the past to other girls. 

So how long till I move to San Diego? Well, I think news of layoffs are coming up this week. Merry Christmas to all! My mom has already suggested that if I get sacked, I should move to San Diego and go to grad school. I don’t really know if I want to go to grad school, but I think it’s cool that she’s never said “you can’t” when I come up with crazy and impulse decisions to go or move somewhere. But unlike me, she tries to find sensible ways of going about it. 

What? I had to find a way of spending the time on the drive back… Coming back to Arizona, there was only one border patrol checkpoint, where all they do is ask “are you a citizen?”… I said yes, and they asked for no verification of this so I went on my way.

It was a great little adventure for sure. 

Now, I’m sure you are all dying to know how my pumpkin pie turned out. Well…. in the words of Republic cooking maven, Kelly Walton, it was “fabulous”. With several people expressing that this was one of the best pumpkin pies they had ever tried. This was very shocking to me because I have never made pie (me to Christina: “what is heavy cream and where do I get it?”), and my goal was just to make something eatable. Many people at the office did not get to try it, but the good reviews spread far and wide, and I’m going to make another. The People, they have spoken… Oh geez, I don’t know if I can make another one just as good. Maybe it was beginners luck? Now I have to live up to the expectations! I did take a photo of the pie, but it’s nothing compared to Christina’s awesome food photography, so I’m ashamed to post it! 

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