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Sigur Ros

Now, here’s a show that was worth every penny. Icelandic band Sigur Rós brought their unique style of rock n roll to the Marquee Theater in Tempe. The guys just put on an amazing show, with confetti and all! What more can you ask for? If you’ve never heard of them, do yourself a favor and go google them.

The lighting was amazing for very moody, dramatic photos. Not quite so good for faces. I just had so many favorites, it was tough to narrow them down.

Yes, you’re seeing correctly, Jonsi Birgisson, left, is playing his guitar with what I thought was a violin bow, but Wikipedia tells me it’s a cello bow. But man, he was playing that guitar so energetically and passionately, very cool.

Jonsi had by far the best lighting of any member on stage with him, therefore I have more photos of him. Either the other guys like the literal obscurity, or they need to have a word with the lighting guy.

He was “singing” into the guitar, which created a real different and cool reverberation.

A band called Parachutes opened for Sigur Ros, and towards the end of the concert they came back onstage to play together. (I still haven’t edited the Parachute photos, sorry!) They were an alright band, pretty good actually, but at one point I counted nine people on stage, so with that many band members, you better make good music. Geez, can you imagine? Nine people in a band? The fights they must!? I believe those are called riots.


The slideshow has a few more photos here.

I only shot for three songs, which was supposed to be only two, but security didn’t kick me and the other photog out of the pit. But even after the first three songs, I got to stay the rest of the show and just enjoy. Sigur Ros was one of the best bands I’ve seen this year, for sure. Only complain: Parking. Not that I mind paying $5 to park, but the fact that the deck had only ONE entrance, manned by ONE person, creating ONE heck of a line of cars. Took us over 30 minutes to just park. Get. It. Together. Tempe.

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Sigur Ros are gods as far as I’m concerned. I’m so glad you got the chance to shoot them! And I’m even happier that you like their music–I was half afraid that you wouldn’t.

Haha. Yeah, they definitely know how to put on a good show, and their music is a very awesome, creative take on rock n roll.

And I love their clothing style. Nothing beats a band that looks like they shower regularly!

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