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Alicia Keys

I have two sets of photos to post, which I should’ve done last week, but everything was just too hectic. I’ll write about it more later. But let’s get to the good stuff that keeps ya coming back!

In this post, I have Alicia Key’s concert at the Dodge Theater last Saturday. I’ve shot at that venue several times, and I’m convince that I hate it, mainly because they put chairs RIGHT by the stage. I mean, everyone who’s gone to concerts know that more often than not there’s some sort of “pit” between the stage and the first row of seats/people. Usually, it’s where security stands, and where photographers are allowed to stand for the first couple of songs. Well, the Dodge is anti-pit apparently, so we have to stand on the far sides.  

Honestly, those first rows of seats are SO close to the stage that, other than proximity to your performers of choice, it has as many perks as that first row of seats at movie theaters. I don’t care how big a fan I am, I wouldn’t want to sit THAT close for several hours and have terrible neck pain by the end of it. I don’t even know why performers allow that! Whatever, those are my two-cents on that.

Mohammad Ali, the legend, the boxer, the man, was in the crowd, and I got to walk right by him; only about five feet and six mountains of men from security separated us! Sorry, we were specifically forbidden to take photos of the crowd, and it was kind of hard to be discreet with the 300mm lens. But people in the audience where definitely getting up and going right infront of him and taking pictures. They weren’t even being discreet about it. I don’t know. It seemed kinda disrespectful. He’s not an animal on exhibit, ya know? He’s just there trying to enjoy the show with his family… well, if he’s even aware of where he is. He did look kinda rough. I guess these celebrities are used to it, but man, it must get annoying at some point… Can you tell I would an awful paparazzi?

I didn’t think those were flattering pants…

There are few more photos on an azcentral slideshow Here. Go check ’em out. 

Recap. Only three songs to shoot, from the sides, I was very eh with the variety of shots I got. Overall, I really didn’t have many shots that I thought were that great or different. 

Also, I’ve gotten a few comments that I can’t really tell if they’re spam. And I don’t know if I should approve them because then anyone with that email address can leave comments, which, if it is spam, I’m not interested in. So if you’ve left a comment and you’re NOT spam, just leave another comment, maybe hinting at the fact that you’re not a robot, but an honest human being. 

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