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Party, plus some flying trees

I always carry a camera in my purse.  Ever since I got my Canon SD point-and-shoot, I just like to throw it in there along with everything else. You never know when you’ll need to capture a moment.  A lot of times you don’t need big or fancy cameras, and if you manage to figure out the manual settings, your handy, small camera could also give you awesome shots. 

This Saturday I went over to a party at my friend Dusty’s house (Holla Dusty always helps me with the website).  They have a pretty cool pad in downtown Phoenix, with built-in fish tank into a wall, and awesome mini trailer house in the massive backyard. Treasured Mammal, who I assume is some sort of musician, yeah? (Feel free to clarify, Dusty) was performing, and bringing out all sorts of crazyness. He rolled around on the ground like a pro, in between bouts of riding a stationary bike, sitting on a wheelchair, getting hit by a Dreamcatcher and delivering stream-of-consciousness-type lyrics into the microphone. I caught it all with my little camera… 

Did I mention he was wearing what appeared to be a grown man’s onesie? 

Jesse looks about ready to have a heart attack on that bike. I believe he was riding toward his ‘dreams’ represented by the Dreamcatcher being held by random member of the audience. This is potentially all made up…

Worshipping the wheelchair?


Living room inside little trailer in the backyard. Super cool. Love it.  Had an awesome time, so thanks to the guys for hosting crazazy parties. 

The construction of the Sheraton next door is almost done (thank you baby Jesus), so they are moving in the shrubbery via the air.  


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