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Megadeth at Mesa Amphitheater

UPDATE: One more photo of Dave Mustaine that found on a second edit.

I was on assignment for the Arizona Republic this past Thursday, and got to shoot Megadeth’s performance during Gigantour’s stop here in the Valley. It was my first time shooting a show this big, with very restrictive media access. I got there almost at 8pm, just in time for Megadeth, who were the headlining band, but many photogs were there since 4pm. Boy, do I feel for them. From the back of the amphitheater, where we were instructed to wait until an appropriate representative from Livenation came and got us, the crowd of black-wearing, hard-metal fans was slightly intimidating.

The rain had been going for most of the day, and fans were wet, muddy, and probably anxious to see the main act. Once we were escorted to the front, those mega hard-core fans who were behind the barriers on the first row were being systematically pulled out so they wouldn’t get crushed by those behind them. It was quite a sight, I guess. They were all either sweating or wet, I couldn’t tell, but I did feel bad for them. Also, I can point out that those security guards at the front have real bad attitudes. Seriously, you are 6’5″ and weight 325 lbs, don’t push the girl photog out of the way, at least not unless someone or something is on fire, which is quite possible at a Megadeth concert, I’ll give you that.

I got to shoot for four songs, right by the stage with my handy earplugs in place. Megadeth was not as bad as I was expecting. Dave Mustaine did not bite a bat’s head off, nor did he roll around the floor while playing his guitar with his teeth or anything. Maybe he did all that after the first four songs? Their music, loud yes, was not too bad (remember though, I was wearing earplugs), and while there were microphones for signing, I’m not too sure anyone did any. Even if they did, the loud guitar-playing and drumming would have rendered any vocals totally useless. Could one argue that metal is not for those who care about the written word?

Dave Mustaine rocks it out.

Guitarist Chris Broderick is on fire. Good thing it was raining because with dry conditions, fire, and the amount of hair on stage, we could’ve easily had our next out-of-control wildfire.

Bassist James Lomenzo. What does the Constitution say about wearing tight leather pants after a certain age? Nothing? Really?

#57 on the ‘How to be a Rock Star” manual: point indiscriminately at the audience.

I’ve come to the conclusion that drummers are seldom very famous not because their craft is not as difficult as signing or playing the guitar, but because photographers usually don’t have good enough lighting to get a decent picture of them since they’re all the way in the back, therefore they get very little media exposure. Just a thought…

Now, your thoughts on the pictures. Good? Bad? Hairy?

3 replies on “Megadeth at Mesa Amphitheater”

Megadeath is pretty cool to experience at least once in a life time…
And when you are in the right “mood” their music blaring through your earphones can be just what you need.

I like the pictures. What camera do you use?

Hi there. I use an old Canon 10D (i think they’re up to the 60D, not sure). And I borrowed a 70-200mm from the photo desk at the Republic, but I was too close to use it, so I ended up using my 55-80mm. Are you thinking of getting a DSLR?

BTW, the move went well. I’m so tired of moving. It always takes me MONTHS to fully unpack hahaha. Heard you were in NC for L’s baptism? When does he start school?

About the DSLR:I wish…until some other bills are paid off I can only dream of an DSLR. But I have a pretty nifty Canon SD630 and it does it’s job. So I cannot complaint until it breaks.

Yeah I have moved so many countless times here that this is the only time I’ve got it down to only a handful of non-empty boxes.
And the baptism was in NC figured I’d make it “easier” on everyone involved in a middle ground location. He starts in August.

I need to move though; the school system in Florida leaves many things to be desired—many, many things

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